3 Top Ways to Boost Conversions on Your Magento Store

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The ecommerce world is believed to be a desirable piece of pie everybody wants to bite off. Nowadays it is rapidly expanding. Since more retailers get involved in the field, the market becomes more competitive. How to gain the pick of market share? The most appropriate solution is to be familiar with advanced techniques that boost your web store running on the magento enterprise development platform.

Pop-up notifications

Everyone is aware of the importance of website development as well as the services you provide. If your web store is running on the sophisticated platform such as Magento, it means that you have already met halfway customers’ needs. But the other part is your interaction with customers. You’re suggested to set pop-up notifications in a right way:

– collect emails for marketing campaign (A new visitor gets a discount if he signs up to a newsletter);
– make purchase time limited
– use flash sales when a shopper is about to leave your website
– offer a discount if the definite sum is spent
– run a promotion for only valuable customers

Loyalty programs

This is considered to be one of the excellent ways to encourage customers to purchase more. It is a win-win situation for both sides, especially for the ecommerce agency which provides services. The program is focused on regular customers and makes shoppers be enthusiastic about buying new goods:
your loyalty program should be different from your competitors and offer easier terms;
provide customers with points that can be spent for products


According to expert’s opinion, many retailers do not pay enough attention to email strategy. They usually send out emails once a week and don’t use transactional emails which trigger shoppers even more. Your primarily task is to learn the field and take on board.

The most popular examples of such emails:

1) email that confirms order;
2) email that confirms user’s registration;
3) email that informs newsletter subscription;
4) email that informs the product is available again.

These emails are opened more often than another sort of emails. That’s why you should disregard such a tool that boosts your sales. Emails need to be eye-catching and visually pleasing. There shouldn’t be much information, but only relevant one should be highlighted. Using all features mentioned above gets your customers interested in opening emails and make more purchases.

3 Top Ways to Boost Conversions on Your Magento Store